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My kilometers are visible in Strava, but are not added to my challenge on the Moving Lives platform. How is that possible?

It may be that the Strava link is not (yet) active on your profile. Log in to your Moving Lives account and click on your own image in the menu bar, then on “profile”. Go to “Connections” and establish the connection with Strava. If this had already happened, try deconnecting and then connecting again.

Also make sure that in your Strava application the visibility of your "Profile page" and "Activities" is set to "Everyone". You can do this by going to "Settings" and then "Privacy Controls".

Furthermore, keep in mind that “login via Facebook” and “login via Google” may lead to two different Strava profiles (one with and one without use). So always log in with the same details as the account where you see your activities on Strava.

The synchronization with Strava can sometimes take a while. If the kilometers have not been added to your challenge after 72 hours (and you have taken the above actions), contact us.

Do I have to reach my goal before the money goes to charity?

The donations you receive from friends, colleagues, family, … count as a boost to bring your challenge to a successful end. This money is immediately transferred to the charity of your choice. Of course we believe in you and trust that you will get the best out of yourself to bring your challenge to a successful end. That is the best way to thank your supporters and support the charity.

Can I walk, run and cycle within the same challenge?

Yes, you can. Strava automatically uploads the distance you cover according to your chosen activity.

Can I take part in multiple challenges at the same time?

Yes, you can. You select the challenge for which you wish to move now. Your activity will then automatically be linked to the chosen challenge. However, you can only make each moved kilometer count one time. Just like you can only spend 1 euro just one time.

Do I get a tax certificate?

Moving Lives does not issue tax certificates itself. Fiscal certificates can only be drawn up by organisations recognised and authorised by the Minister of Finance. If your amount for the benefit of a good cause reaches the minimum amount over a calendar year, you are entitled to a tax certificate. We provide your details to the organisation, after which they are responsible for providing you with a tax certificate.

Who is behind Moving Lives?

We are a small, independent team, with big partners. We have the support of Sport Vlaanderen, employers organisation Agoria and well-known charities such Doctors Without Borders. These partners also use the platform themselves for their own employees or fundraising.

What happens to my personal data?

We attach the greatest importance to your privacy. We only collect personal data that you provide to us yourself, or that third parties provide to us as part of a service they have requested. You can find our privacy policy here .

What is the earnings model of Moving Lives?

For companies, Moving Lives® is offered as a software platform. As a supporting partner, we want to work with HR & management to build the image of the company in the context of corporate social responsibility, employee wellbeing and employer branding. For personal challenges the platform is completely free. In the difference between the donations and the money that goes to the charity, in addition to VAT, financialële transaction costs and our support, there is also a small margin for us as a company. This is to cover the costs of the platform, and for the small margin for our start-up.

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