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Moving Lives is an innovative digital fundraising platform that links easily accessible healthy challenges to fundraising for NGOs, schools or associations. Do you help generate impact?


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Our mission is to motivate as many people and organisations as possible to become healthier. We do this by making ‘becoming healthier’ into something that you do not do only for yourself, but for your friends who support you and for a higher social purpose.




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Ready to become a healthier version of yourself while generating social impact?


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Raising more funds was never so easy

Extra financial resources for your NGO and better health for everyone who gives the best of themselves for you? With Moving Lives you kill two birds with one stone!


Connect your employees while making them healthy

Moving Lives connects your employees  through healthy accessible challenges while raising funds for a good cause.


Collect additional funds for your organisation

Looking for more resources for the operation of your school or association? With Moving Lives, fundraising becomes a healthy endeavour for your pupils and members, and a lot more fun for their supporters. Win win!


More than 5.000 Belgians are moving with us

Move together with Mario, Caroline, Koen, Maxime, Britt, Margot, Hassan, Elodie, ….
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Around The World for Rode Neuzen Dag - OverKop!

The measures against corona are putting additional pressure on the resilience of young people. Rode Neuzen Dag and Moving Lives therefore call together to move 40.075 kilometers (circumference of the world around the equator) and to collect money for the Rode Neuzen Dag Fund, which provides accessible help for young people such as OverKop. Take part and cover some of the miles by walking, running or cycling and stay fit and healthy during the corona crisis!

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Belgian Railways support Doctors Without Borders

The Belgian Railways start a challenge to support Doctors Without Borders. The kilometers that you cover to go to work, on foot or by bike, will of course be taken into account. The challenge is to cover 80.000 km and raise money for MSF. If we manage to reach this goal together, the Belgian Railways will donate 40.000€ to Doctors Without Borders.

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Realtime engagement

Automatic synchronisation with tracking apps and digital payments so that you can see the progress of the challenge at anytime.

Together we become healthier for charity

For anyone who wants to get themselves, others and the world moving, Moving Lives is a digital fundraising platform that links easily accessible healthy challenges to fundraising for NGOs, schools or associations.

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How does it work?

Watch this video and understand how Moving Lives works in a nutshell.


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