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Moving Lives

Moving Lives is a digital community platform that connects individuals, companies and non-profit organisations through physical movement.

Our Mission

On the platform, sports challenges are taken up to raise money for a designated charity or organization. The activity of the participants is visually mapped through activity tracking via a smartphone or smartwatch. We consciously created our platform for low-threshold activities - walking, running, cycling, etc. - in order to encourage as many people as possible to move. Moreover, we believe that the positive social impact is a strong motivator for participants completing a challenge. Our company name Moving Lives was chosen not only to set people in motion, but also to emphasise the emotional connection between the employees, the company and their chosen charity. For companies, Moving Lives is offered as a software platform. As a supporting partner, we want to build the company's image together with HR & management to emphasise corporate social responsibility, employee wellbeing and employer branding.

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